Every country and capital city has its own landmarks and unique qualities that no other place exhibits which attracts visitors and tourists. We’ve already covered your top 10 essentials for when visiting London, in this article we’re going to summarise our top 5 reasons why you should visit London! London isn’t one of the most iconic cities in the world for nothing…

Attractions in London

London is home to well-known and wide ranging attractions that many tourists flock to visit each year. Some of London’s most iconic attractions include Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. London is often on many travellers bucket lists due to how many different attractions you can see in just one day in this beautiful city!

big ben in London

Free Attractions in London

Although some of the larger and more well-known attractions in London require payment or at least an entrance fee, there are many free attractions in London that won’t cost you a penny! You will be surprised at how many places you can actually visit within the English Capital without having to pay for the privilege. The Science and History museums or the Tate modern are a few examples of such. Although visiting a city like London makes you want to splash the cash, you don’t always need a big budget in order to get the most out of your trip. There is so much to see in London and so much stunning landscape to capture; London has a vast number of parks perfect for picnics and catching a bit of sun if you’re lucky!

London’s Theatre Scene

It is said that London has the best theatre scene in the entire world – which is a great reason to come along and see it in action for yourself! You may even be lucky enough to see or meet a famous person if you are in the right place at the right time. London’s theatre scene has plenty to offer from musicals, the classic and traditional, right through to premieres. There is bound to be something that suits everyone, and this is the beauty of such a dynamic place like London. No visit to London is complete without walking down the West End.

London theatre

Shopping in London

The famous Oxford Street is calling shopaholics. There is just about every shop you can think of in London – from vintage stores, high end retailers to pop up markets! What kind of shopper are you? – window shopper, or do you float from store to store trying to find the best bargains? You can do all this and more in the heart of London. Oxford Street on a busy Saturday afternoon has a real buzz about it and the only way you know this is by experiencing it yourself.

shopping in london

Afternoon Tea in London

Some say New York City is the city that never sleeps…we beg to differ. London has a unique vibe with something always going on no matter what part of London you are visiting. One of the most unique experiences in London is the large variety of food and drink on offer for tasting! Whether you are after a traditional British dish, afternoon tea in a chic café, a romantic meal for two or high class restaurants where you are treated like a King or Queen – London has it all. Traditional bars are mixed with rooftop terraces or if you fancy something fancy, there is never a champagne bar too far away! Imagine eating and drinking of an evening after the sun has gone down, against the backdrop of the River Thames adding to the atmosphere of the sights and sounds of the city. London is a magical city if you open yourself up to everything the city has to offer.

afternoon tea in London

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