There is no denying fall is here now that nights are becoming longer and colder days are setting in. Hot summers and beach holidays seem a distant memory and many of us will shortly be planning to hibernate for the months ahead.

But wait! Why hide away when you can travel and explore somewhere new? Not only are things generally quieter in fall (in the run up to Christmas anyway) but by exploring a new city in fall gives you an insight and experience you wouldn’t necessarily get in summer or spring. If you needed any more convincing, here are some of the best reasons to visit London this fall!


Whilst people generally associate festivals with summer as so many occur over the summer months, many countries and cities run their festivals well into fall and London is no exception. With festivals such as the London Jazz, London Design, London restaurant and even the new London podcast festival there is bound to be something that interests you or will spark an interest in something new.

festivals to attend in london in fall

Travel Costs

It is a well-known fact that travels costs, whether that be via plane or train, are much higher during peak summer months. Based on supply and demand principles this is also the most expensive time and can hurt your pocket. With summer a distant memory, fall is a great time to travel with discounting air tickets and accommodation costs. Shop around for a good deal as normal but don’t be surprised to find a ‘too good to be true’ deal if you are lucky!

Crowd Control

With fall being one of the least demanding periods there is likely to be less people about which will ensure a less stressful trip. London will never be a ghost town so have no fears about that, but there is something nice about dealing with a few less people! If you are visiting a new city you want to make the most of the experience so if everywhere you turn is full of queues then this is hardly going to make for a great time. In the coming weeks this problem is not likely to be an issue.

*Schooos in England have a week off (often known as half term) starting on 24th October 2016. Costs and crowds are likely to be affected (i.e. higher costs and more crowds) because of this.

when to shop in london to avoid crowds


London is known for the role it plays in fashion and is one of the capitals of the world for it. As the days and nights get colder we tend to start layering up and putting on more clothes to deal with the brisk temperatures. With London being such a cosmopolitan city, the latest trends are bound to be on display by men and women all across the streets of this stylish city. If you are feeling adventurous you may even be tempted to buy the latest designs for yourself from some of the London shops!

Halloween and Bonfire Night

Halloween and bonfire night are two great celebrations of fall and are both great events to experience and immerse in a different country and city. Watching fireworks against the backdrop of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (which of course is what the event is about) has to be seen and experienced at least once in your lifetime.

Later in fall when the run up to Christmas begins, markets, decorations and light displays will start appearing around the city. This is also a wonderful sight and a great way to get you into the Christmas mood!

christmas and new years fireworks in london

In London this fall and want to make the most of your trip? Visit the itineraries section to find out the tours we offer.

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