How to use London public transport

One of the best ways to get around London is to use the public transport system – the London Underground trains and the bus network. The traffic in London is very heavy and if you are not walking then taking the underground is often by far the quickest way. Here’s a quick summary of the

Concorde in NYC USA

Your long haul flight to London and what to do on arrival

Until a new age Concorde sets flight, longer flights across the pond from America to London are here to stay. Flights from America to London are normally around 7 hours. And often arrive early in the morning. Due to your long haul flight you may be feeling unsure what to do first in such a

London theatre

Things to do in London in summer

Need some things to do in London this summer? If you’re coming to London then here’s a few family friendly things things to do in London in summer. Take a boat ride, walk in a park, swim in an Olympic pool or enjoy a Shakespeare play. A walk in one of London’s parks London has a

Walking tour of London

Top 10 essentials for touring London

Top 10 essentials for touring London If you’re planning a London vacation, don’t forget to bring these 10 essentials for touring London to make your day a real success! “Water water everywhere….” In the summer months doing a London tour is thirsty work. There’s always plenty of places to buy bottled water at the main tourist sites,

St Pauls Cathedral rooftop view

London rooftop bars … with a view

We lived in New York City a few years ago and spent many summer evenings looking at the Manhattan skyline from a rooftop bar.

Now we’re back in London and I’m busy discovering London rooftop bars all over again. These ones come with views over iconic London landscapes that you just can’t find in NYC –  St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and the River Thames.

So if you’re visiting London this summer and want to sample a

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