A tour of the British Museum with a Registered Tourist Guide will make the most of  your time in London. With over 6 million objects in the collection it can be a hard task to search out the highlights that you need to see if you are on a schedule. A private British Museum tour can take about 90 minutes. But we can tailor to suit your itinerary and your group or family.  But if you would like a longer tour to examine more objects in more depth then that’s possible.  During your British Museum private tour you will see major highlights including the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, Greek sculptures and Roman antiquities.

Highlights of a British Museum Tour

  • The Rosetta Stone
  • Lion carvings from Assyria
  • Roman and Viking treasure
  • Stunning architecture
  • The Parthenon marbles
  • Ancient Egypt – mummies, tombs and monuments
Greek sculpture at the British Museum

The highlights of the collection include wall carvings from ancient Assyrian kingdoms, the Lewis Chessmen, wonderful marble carvings of the Parthenon temple and Viking treasure found in England. Not forgetting the breathtaking architecture of the Great Court and its innovative glass roof design. Learn about Roman life in Britain and buried silver.

british museum tour
Stunning architecture of The Great Court

See the giant Egyptian sculptures and find out all about hieroglyphs. Take a step back in time to the world of ancient Greece and the Vikings of northern Europe. Why did the Egyptians mummify their dead? What is treasure trove? Walk through thousands of years of history all in one amazing building with your private tourist guide.

What other things can you tour near the British Museum?

Your British Museum tour can be combined with something else in the area and included in a half or full day tour of London. A walking tour of the Covent Garden area fits well with a half day tour. For a full day tour to include the British Museum then start with a morning visit to Westminster Abbey and a royal walk. Followed by a lunch break in the lively Covent Garden area before a highlights tour of this wonderful collection at the British Museum.

Combining London’s most popular destinations like this is a good option if you are on a family outing. Or indulge yourselves and spend an afternoon at the Museum to take an in depth look at this fascinating collection of objects from all over the world. We can take a break in the British Museum cafe on a longer tour. The museum is free to enter and located close to the Covent Garden market area for shopping and restaurants.

How to book your tour of the British Museum

A standard British Museum highlight tour is £220.00. A full day tour of London which can include a British Museum tour is £390.00. Email me to plan your own British Museum private tour.

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