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A Tower of London tour takes in 1000 years of history on the edge of the River Thames. A fortress and a palace, the place of royal executions, home of the yeoman warders and a display of the stunning crown jewels. Your tour can take up to 2 hours depending on your interests and can be a perfect place for children and families to spend time when visiting London.

Highlights of a Tower of London tour

  • See the dazzling and priceless Crown Jewels
  • Learn about why the ravens can never leave the Tower of London
  • Hear stories about executions of the Tudor Queens and VIPs
  • Puzzle over the mystery disappearance of two young princes
  • Walk the walls and enjoy views of the River Thames and Tower Bridge
  • Find the graffiti on the Tower walls left by prisoners over the years
  • Hear about the animals that were kept here until they were given a new home
  • Trace the Tower and history of London back 1000 years and more

Ravens live at the Tower of London
The execution site at the Tower of London

How to book your Tower of London tour

The cost of a half day booking for your private Tower of London guided tour is £210.00.  You buy your own tickets for the Tower online before the day. Email me to book your tour

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