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Welcome to my world and London. Here’s some information about the personal ‘me’ and what’s behind the London tour guide.

private london tourist guide

I’ve lived in many places in London including a boat home on the River Thames

When I was growing up London was the place to be. Easy access to galleries, museums, entertainment as well as nightlife of concerts, restaurants and shows.  As far as I was concerned London was, and still is, the centre of the world. I worked for a few years, but then followed a passion and picked up a paintbrush and studied at art college, finishing with a Masters degree. After a career which involved computers, art and publishing (and not necessarily in that order), I was introduced to the world of guiding in 1999 when I saw a Blue Badge Tourist Guide working in Tate Britain and St Paul’s Cathedral.


london tour guide

london tour guide takes selfies with a visitor to London

It seemed to me that being able to work in London’s greatest monuments, museums and galleries would be a huge privilege. It involves all the things I love including history, art, architecture and London itself. I had no idea what I would need to be a London tour guide. It was with a great deal of nervousness that I enrolled for the Blue Badge Guide London training course. After 18 months of classes, endless weekends to research and practice tours and over 15 exams I was awarded my Blue Badge. As well as earning my Blue Badge I was an award winner in my qualification year of ‘Best Site Presentations’.


london tourist guide

Helping students with punting in Cambridge

Since then I’ve been constantly working with visitors to London. As well as being a private tour guide in London I’ve also travelled around the British Isles with groups from the USA.  One of my favourite customers, the American Council for International Studies (ACIS), says that Travel Changes Lives. I’m lucky enough to have seen that change as I’ve introduced young people to a world beyond text books and school work. To bring it all to life for them is a great joy.


London continues to excite me. I’ve seen many changes over the years and love the continual surprises that it brings. I want to get involved in everything it has to offer. I sing in a choir, play golf and try to keep up with every current exhibition and show. But I’m always on the look out for new information that will help me share and show this wonderful city to you.

Get in touch and email me so that we can plan your London experience


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