Book a private guide for one of London park walks

Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and St James’s Park. Just 3 of London’s 10 royal parks. We can combine history of London as we walk through the parks. We’ll come across palaces and statues, talk about kings and queens and great public events that have taken place in the parks over the last few hundred years. London park walks are a great way to escape the busy London streets for a morning and enjoy some open space.

London park walks

How many different birds can you spot in London parks?

There’s a fantastic assortment of wildlife in London’s parks. Pelicans can often be seen in St James’s Park close to Buckingham Palace. As well as swans, ducks and other wild birds. There are plenty of well-tended gardens with colourful displays of plants and flowers throughout the year. London’s parks are used by visitors, tourists and those who work in the area.
This is for those who like to stretch their legs, see some open space and get away from busy London streets. E-mail me for more details.

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